Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker

Certified Motivational Speaker & Leadership Coach at John Maxwell Team

Ada Kiehne was born and raised in Mexico and relocated to the United States and became a US Citizen over 20 years ago. Ada is described as a vibrant, down to earth individual who inspires everyone she comes in contact with. She is passionate about helping those in need, especially teenagers. She created the non-profit, I Love Living, to empower, educate, and prepare teens, especially those who suffer from low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts.

Our mission is to help as many teens understand and learn to love life.  Life is not always easy and we want to empower youth by creating events, classes, projects and programs that teach and build their skills.

As we all know, young people often times are influenced more by their peers than by the well-meaning adults in their lives.

That is where I Love Living is unique; we are a non-profit group led by young people striving to create a contagious wave of “Positive peer pressure” in our schools and communities. Ada is a successful organizer of many public events and fund-raisers which have resulted in her to being recognized as one of New Mexico’s most influential women.

Ada guides emerging and established leaders in companies through transformational change, chaos and challenges. With one on one coaching or group coaching, keynotes, and consulting, Ada helps you:

  • Re-evaluate change as an opportunity for expansion and growth
  • Rejuvenate your team to create enormous success
  • Revitalize your organization’s culture to increase collaboration

If you think love is not a strategy, try giving strategies to a workforce that is feeling unloved. Instead, discover why Love IS a strategy if you have the right ethos, competence and techniques. Let Ada show you how the John Maxwell methodology and leadership can give you the business disciplines, structured and competitive advantage you need in today’s swiftly changing business environment.